Thursday, July 12, 2007

What Happened to Putrajaya Wetlands?

I was at the Putrajaya Wetlands recently. It was a far cry when it was when I visited it several years ago when it first opened. There was an air of busyness over the area with friendly guides manning the main area of the lake running about the place, attending to visitor's needs. I also remember taking part in one of the social acitivities there, a fishing competition for families, if I am not mistaken. And the fun day drew me back again and again, just to enjoy the serene atmosphere and maybe go for a boat ride.

This last trip, I sensed something different. The place looked deserted. Of course, on a weekday, this was to be expected. But even so, during the past, small groups of people could be seen enjoying a cup of tea at the restaurant overlooking the lake. This time, it was different - the restaurant had closed. Upon enquiry, it had been closed for a month. Is it going to open again? I asked of a a staff working there. Not sure, I was told. I was also told that the management of the Wetlands had been taken over by another. Which explained why I did not see the usual troop of guides and caretakers that I once spotted.

Whoever the new managers are, I hope they will pay some attention to maintaining and promoting this place. Putrajaya is already begging for visitors; another tourist spot left to rot will not help boost its popularity..