Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pewter Craft

IF you are looking for good quality pewter, not just any tin-antimony-copper alloy that will grey in time and lose its shine faster than the autumn sun, seek no more. Give Royal Selangor a visit.

Known formerly as Selangor Pewter, the company, founded in 1885, is a storehouse of over 600 skilled craftsmen creating world-class pewterware.

Said to be one of the largest pewter factories in the world, the Royal Selangor has its humble beginnings in making incense burners and candlestands in the 18th Century.

Thanks to the British occupation, the pewter market expanded to the manufacture of tankards, ashtrays and tea implements.

In 1992, the 'Royal' was adopted by the company to reflect the status bestowed by the Sultan. And the rest is history.

If you seek classy souvenirs, you may visit the factory at 4, Jalan Usahawan 6 in Setapak Jaya.

Here lies a Visitors' Centre where you can feast your eyes on the wide range of pewter products, nicely tailored to suit your pocket - deep or shallow.

Although there are representative offices and franchisees selling Royal Selangor products, it is here, at the headquarters that you will find most awe inspiring.

A trip through the shop floor of the factory, where skilled damsels lend their feminine touch to shaping molten metal into objet d'arts - from dimpled tankards to picture frames.

Here you can also see how pewter ware is made, polished and engraved. It is an enlightening experience as well as an entertaining one.

Other pewter makers in Kuala Lumpur
Apart from Royal Selangor, which is reputedly the largest pewter maker in the country and possibly the region, there are also other manufacturers in Kuala Lumpur which you may like to visit. Although these companies have outlets in major hotels and shopping complex, nothing beats having a first hand experience at watching how pewter is made although prior arrangement is advised.

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