Friday, May 09, 2008

Setapak Hot Springs

Hot Springs In The City

THE name Air Panas in Setapak, in case you don't know, actually comes from a hot springs which was very popular in the 60s and 70s. In those days, it was the centre of the community and people living nearby would converbe at the fifteen-foot wide natural thermal pool each morning to wash their clothes or take a bath.

The hot spring is located about half a kilometre from the junction of Jalan Air Panas and Jalan Genting Kelang. Back then, Air Panas was one of the new villages set up in Kuala Lumpur.

Visitors to the pool were charged 10 sen for use of a crude 'timba' (a trough used for scooping water) made using a large can and tied using a rope. This timba is lowered into the pool to collect scoop up the water for bathing or washing.

Locals believe the sulphur laden waters of this hot sprint could cure skin diseases and ward off rheumatism. Today, with development, the Air Panas hot spring is not as popular with locals as it was in the past - what not with sauna and steam baths available almost everywhere.

Only the faithful and those in the know still flock to the Air Panas hot spring. The faciility today is much cleaner, having been made part of the Resource Springs apartment complex.

Good landscaping for the flowing hot springs pool. You can boil eggs in the afternoons in the pool!

Unlike in the past, there are proper cubicles for men and women for bathing. There is also foot soaking troughs around the hot springs pool. Specially made water spouts are also available for those who wish to do their washing.

Coins at the bottom of the algae-ridden pool. Believers cast coins to ask for their wishes to be fulfilled. Whether it works or not, who knows?

Fee is at a nominal RM1 per adult and 50 sen per child below 12 years old. The water is believed to be hotter during rainy seasons and between January till April.

Getting There:
Best way is to drive towards Hulu Kelang in the direction of Zoo Negara. When you pass Setapak town go straight till you pass the Setapak Police Station. After the Police Station, keep right till you get to a traffic lights. This is the turn into Air Panas.

Turn right at the traffic lights - the hot springs is located about half a kilometre from here. Keep a look out for the Resource Sprints condo/apartments. This is your marker. If you are lost, just ask around.

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