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Pasir Penambang

Sleepy hollow Pasir Penambang is a small one-street fisherman's cove by the Sungai Kuantan river. Quaint shops line both sides of the street.

Fishermen's Town

Pasir Penambang is often confused with Kuala Selangor although it lies on the northern side of the seaside district in Selangor, about 80km from Kuala Lumpur city centre.

The sleepy hollow is actually a fishing village similar to the many along the west coast.

The main population in the town comprises mostly Mandarin-speaking Chinese who are mainly fishermen or traders in marine products.

Fresh catches from the sea and preserved marine products such as fish and prawn crackers, shrimp paste, etc. can be found in abundance here.

Fresh fish are only available at certain times of the way when the fishermen return from the sea.

This one street town used to be an important stopover for travellers (especially truckkers) plying the west coast of the Peninsula. They stop here to replenish their supplies and have a quick meal. For locals living in the vicinity, this is one place to shop for fresh fish.

Seafood and stuff are cheap. Some go at 3 for RM10 and you can mix and match.

Later, with development and better road links, Pasir Penambang began drawing tourists and seafood lovers during weekends - some of them from as far as Singapore who were on the way north.

The main street runs through the town, with shops sitting on both sides. There is a wet market in the right of the entrance to Pasir Penambang.

Present day requirements have transformed many of the single-storey, wooden shops into modern, concrete two-storey buildings at the end of the main street today, from which a host of seafood restaurants operate.

If you are into seafood, try the restaurants away from the riverside. In particular, one shop by the name of Sin Hai Ping. Prices are pretty reasonable. Tell the lady boss you found her place from KLTHISMONTH and you might just get a good discount.

However, you can still see the remnants of old businesses such as several blacksmiths (who had been there for over 50 years) operating from the original single-storey wooden shophouses.

There is not much to do in this town except eating and buying seafood and souvenirs.

One of the marine products shop. Bargains, bargains, bargains!

Getting there:
You can either reach Kuala Selangor via Sungai Buloh old road or the highway via the Guthrie Corridor (North South Expressway). You can also use the Klang-Kapar old road. Just follow the signboards to Kuala Selangor till you get to the town.

Once you are at the town, take the right turn and go across the river. About one kilometer or so from the bridge, at left (again plenty of signboards) is the Pasir Penambang.

There is a jetty in town which formed part of a restaurant. You can see across the river from here.

On weekdays, leave your car at the entrance (near the wet market) and walk. Driving in when traffic is high is asking for trouble and you may need to reverse all the way out just to turn.

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azry said...

Yup..Pasir Penambang is famous for its seafood paradise left and right.
And one more info about Kuala Selangor is, plenty of Goat Farms!!!