Friday, May 09, 2008

Putrajaya Wetlands and Park

YOU would be surprised what you can find in the Government's administrative centre in Putrajaya. The third Federal Territory of Malaysia and named after Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Putrajaya holds many interesting fare - ranging from its beautiful landmark buildings to its parks and boulevards.

Located about 45 minutes' drive south of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya is well connected by a fine system of roads and highways. It is approachable from Kuala Lumpur via the North South Expressway.

Among landmarks you can find here are the Putrajaya Mosque, the Prime Minister's Office Complex, the main square and various bridges. However, did you know that the parks in Putrajaya too are very popular among locals?

One of the attractions in Putrajaya is the wetlands located Precint 13. If you are coming here, you can't miss it as the local authority has put up various signboards to guide you here.

So, what's interesting about Putrajaya Wetlands? Well, on the lake, recreational activities are allowed. These include fishing and boating, and if you are game, there is a guided boat tour, too. For anglers, you may fish for a fee. There is a canteen here and bathing facilities as well.

This park is highly popular among health buffs in the mornings and during weekends, picnickers throng its surroundings. Pergolas are available if you want to have a shaded picnic with tables and benches. Otherwise, plenty of trees offer a cool respite from the tropical heat.

Not far away from the Putrajaya Wetlands is the Wetlands Park. This is sort of a small nature park with its collection of flora and fauna indigenous to Malaysia. Entrance to the park is free. Guided tours are available for a small fee. Birdwatchers can rent binoculars here at only RM4 (USD 1.60 thereabouts) an hour.

Best time to visit the park is in the morning when the animals such as iguanas, tree shrews, yellow-breasted sunbirds, starlings and cowells are active. You may also enjoy the fragrances of the wild flowers and ginger plants as the scents are strongest at between 9am to 10am.

There is also a toilet facility, a small handicraft centre and a watch tower here. Check out the latter and see what is over the horizon...

Getting There:
Drive south towards and exit at the Sungai Besi Toll into the North South Expressway. After about 20 minutes, you should see the signboard on the left showing you the way to Putrajaya (and kajang). Just follow this sighboard and exit at the Kajang Toll. Take the turn to Putrajaya and just follow the signages.

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