Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mini Korea in Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking for all things Koreans, from food to education, in Kuala Lumpur, there is one place you might want to check out when you are here. It is at the Ampang Jaya Business Avenue in the upper reaches of Jalan Ampang just opposite the Ampang Point shopping complex.

Here lies various shops that offering all things Koreans, supermarkets that carry Korean products that you probably cannot find elsewhere - from kimchi to Korean ice creams. So, if you are thinking whipping up a Korean dish, visit this place. Chances are that you will get what you are looking for quite easily.

There are two major Korean supermarkets here, similar to the Malaysian sundry store, and they sell quite a good stock of Korean goods, some imported straight from Korea.

Most of the shops are open from 10am and closes about 10am at night. The shop keepers are well-versed in Korean and Mandarin as we found out.

The business district is quite busy in the day and if you are driving there, keep a look out for the signboards - most of the roads are one-way traffic.

In the evenings, this business district comes alive with Korean restaurants offering various cuisines.

For locals, it will be an experience to check them out. For Koreans living in Kuala Lumpur, this is home away from home. Korean barbecues and other gastronomic delights are offered at affordable prices. Parking is also not a problem here even at night.

How to get there:
If you are from Kuala Lumpur city, head for the upper stretches of Jalan Ampang and go up the fly-over when you see Ampang Point complex at your left. As you get down the fly-over, keep to the right till you come to a traffic light and turn right.

Immediately after you turn, on the second left lane lie the various Korean supermarkets and restaurants. You can't miss them.


elaheh said...

Can I find KPOP stuff there?I'm going to have a trip to KL and want buy some Korean Album too.
where can I find stuff like that?

Miss Apple said... u know the place that i can find korean album..

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qureshi cancer said...

I am looking for korean movie dvd, as I cant variety on movie dvd in klang valley, very limited mostly drama series.Can I find it there? Do they have dvd store specialise on korean movies.