Thursday, May 15, 2008

Malaysians Abroad

Malaysians have travelled far and wide. Some have gone abroad to study, others sent abroad by their employers. Others have chosen to move abroad out of professional or business affairs.

These are the websites by Malaysians who have moved, are studying and/or working abroad in their respective countries.

This section was set up following requests from friends who want to get in touch with their friends via the web and check on what's happening on in the respective countries through their Malaysians Abroad portals.

This is not an exhaustive list as the URLs of sites set up by Malaysians abroad are given by readers of this website.

If you wish to submit a website by a Malaysian or Malaysians abroad, or one dedicated to our overseas community, please contact us. We will include it here for free.

List of websites set up by Malaysians living, working or studying abroad include:

Malaysians in the Orient
Malaysians in Kansai (Japan) Club
Malaysians in Hong Kong

Malaysians in Europe
Malaysians in Denmark
Malaysian Association in France
Malaysian Danish Association
Malaysian Association of the Netherlands
Malaysian Association of Belgium and Luxembourg (MABL)
Malaysian Association of Geneva (Switzerland)
Malaysian Swiss Association

Malaysians in the Scandinavian Countries
Malaysians Living In Sweden
Finland-Malaysia Association

Malaysians in the UK and United States
Malaysian Students Department for the United Kingdom and Eire (MASDUKE)
Malaysian Association of Canada Malaysian Singapore Brunei Cultural Association of Vancouver
Borneo Cultural Association of Alberta (BCAA)
Malaysia Association of Southern California

Malaysians in the Middle East
Malaysians Living In Qatar

Updated: May 26, 2008

Found any association we have not listed? Then inform us so that we can list them for you.


stockholmgirl said...

hi please note that Malaysians in Sweden has a new link

Alice Lee said...

Thank you, So noted and changed.

RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla said...

i wish there's a community for malaysians in Italy...although there might only be a few...