Friday, May 09, 2008

Bagan Lalang

Fishing boats moored at the Sepang rivermouth, which feed right into the Bagan Lalang coast.

Fishermen's enclave and popular seafood haunt
THIS stretch of beach in souther part of Selangor only gained its popularity about one and a half decade ago when development spilled over from its nearest township, Sepang.

Good, uninterrupted stretch of beach at Bagan Lalang. Fishing is good too.

Next to its neighbour Morib which is located about 27km away, there is nothing special about this former fishermen's enclave except for its rather flat beach where during low tides, clams could be found.

When the tide's out, the water is a mile away.

Located about one hour's drive from KL city, it is today one of the many destinations for seafood lovers. The beach is usually very quiet during the weekday and life is only aroused during weekends when campers storm the beach for a little quiet (if they can find any after the mile long stretch is filled up by Saturday evening) and enjoy the sea breeze.

This is also a kiters' haven. What you are looking at are the amateurs. Wait till you see the pros at work!

When the tide is out, picnickers throng the shallows to look for clams and horse-shoe or king crabs. This beach is also a favourite among kiters because of the steady stream of wind during the day.

Fresh fish for sale... at the fishermen's village. Good for barbecue, eh?

Clams, too, if you wish. Fresh from the Sepang river!

If you are looking for seafood, there are several at one end of the beach. An old one straddles the Sepang estuary but it only comes alive in the evenings and usually on weekends.

The fishermen's wet market. Get your fresh seafood here but watch the price!

Each year, a water festival is held in April where you can find mile-long stalls doing roaring business selling anything from attire to handicraft.

There are several chalets for rent here but the most sought after is still the Seri Malaysia, a three-star accommodation located just at the entrance. Rates start from RM115. If you are looking for other accommodation, perhaps the Sepang District Office can assist. Their number is: 03-87061211.

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