Friday, August 01, 2008

PC Fair off to a lukewarm start

PC starts today and judging from the crowd between 11am to 4pm, it was a bit disappointing - there appeared to be more sales assistants than visitors the first two hours and the crowd only picked up sometime into 2pm.

After 2pm

There were bargains, without doubt, and the street smart would yet again walk off with a good deal. Anyone buying anything without bargaining is foolish to say the least.

Hard sell?

Pitching against each other this time around are the miniature laptops known variously as e-laptops and e-pcs (the latter's name culled from Asus's model no doubt). Some antivirus with a funny name - Kapersky - were seen being unloaded at almost any stall. Prices vary from RM70 to slightly more. Real cheap if you asked me.

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