Friday, September 12, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Thieves' Market

The Thieves' Market are not named out of novelty and the goods may have a tainted past. If you wish to check out the place, go early between 7am to 10am where business is at its peak.

This is one sleazy corner of Kuala Lumpur I would not like to be on the tours' itinerary simply because of the dangers it pose. But again, which nation in the wordly doesn't have it - a Thieves Market, where you are constantly unsure whether the goods are stolen or just scavenged from the rubbish dumps.

Then again, there are people who beg to differ in that here in lies some things that you are not likely to find in established shopping malls or even junk stores.

Things like old VCDs, books, loud speakers, rare amplifiers, coconut scrapers, radios, screws and bolts, rusty saws, one or two rare paintings, and the likes. Or even shirts and shoes that have been used that cost large fractions of their original prices, and whish with a little bit of cleaning, can still be used.

Kuala Lumpur's Thieves Market lies along Jalan Sultan. You can't miss it simply because it is located behind the row of shops that front Petaling Street. The place is a hive of activities from early mornings, sometimes as early as midnight when prying eyes of the authorities take their daily rest.

The best time to visit this place is in the wee hours of the morning and the crowd peaks at about 7am. You can find plenty of second-hand goods here, but don't ask about how the traders got them. Just get the best bargain and if it seems worthwhile, get it. Otherwise move on and come another day.

While browsing here, you might want to take care of your wallet. No, not that you will be fleeced by the traders or be tempted to spend more than you actually need. This place is the haunt of pickpockets and these faceless hoods move in and out of the crowd quite easily. If you are not too careful, your wallet might end up being on of the items being sold here over the next couple of months - after its contents have been relieved, of course.

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