Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Step into the kopitiam of old at Yut Kee's

IF you are in Jalan Dang Wangi, previously known as Campbell Street, you will see this shop (picture). It's like stepping into a time zone - back, say 30 years? - as you see the rickety wooden tables with marble tops and black varnished chairs.

This is one tue Hainanese coffeeshop that you won't want to miss when in KL - serving its own concoctions as well as age-old successful recipes that have been handed down by the forefathers.

Pay it a visit during the morning and check out its breakfast fare of roti kawin (toast with kaya and butter) and good old coffee (see picture). It is something that you don't find at many places in KL these days.

Those who have been into coffeeshops during the 60s and 70s will remember the aroma of bread toasted over coal fire and the fragrance of the kaya (a kind of egg jam) as it is being stirred over low fire.

Of course, there are other fantastic things you can feast on while at Yut Kee's (also known as Jack's Place).

Among them are the famous Swiss Roll and the roti babi (their kind of hamburger and bread.

Not to be missed are the noodles as well as the chicken and pork chops which comes in huge helpings and tasty gravy.

To make sure you get a place to sit, go early. Preferably by 8am. The crowd builds up towards lunch time and towards the later part of the afternoon.

Sundays are also best as the morning crowd is quite sparse and chances are that you will find a place to sit.

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