Monday, May 19, 2008


WE at KLTHISMONTH.COM wishes all our visitors a Happy Wesak. May you all be well and happy.

These are the images taken at the Buddhist Vihara in Brickfields on the eve of Wesak. As usual, the crowd is big but orderly. The whole temple ground has been turned into a carnival of sorts, with stalls selling anything from sweetmeats to vegetarian foods.

Times are bad and donations boxes have been set up almost at every corner.

As it is annually, the disabled and the less fortunate, including the able-bodied have thronged the temple grounds to seek alms, from the road leading into the temple as well as on both sides of its entrance. Give generously to these pitiful peole if you can afford to.

The price to light an oil lamp has been raised to RM20 per person. The increase was from last year - previously it was RM10. If you wish to light one, there is a counter catering to this within the temple ground.

Check out the festivities if you are around. The whole KL city is abuzz with activities this Wesak.

Tonight, there will be a procession from the Buddhist Vihara to the city centre from 7pm.

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