Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hakka 'Green Tea' Noodles

The hawker centre.

The lady chef

If you have heard of the Hakka Lui Char (Green Tea Rice), you would have heard it all - or not yet?

Well, I was in for a surprise when I stumbled upon this stall somewhere near Desa Aman Puri in Kepong. It is located within the Wang Seng Hawker Centre amidst some workshop area, well-known among regulars and those who drive past this place.

Clockwise (from bottom left) Lui Char Pan Mee, Pumpkin Pan Mee, Seven Veggie Pan Mee,Hot and Spicy Pan Mee and Yong Tau Foo (centre).

The stall is operated by Ms Nancy Choo, who is the lady chef (her card says that). The stall offers reasonably priced fare of which the star is the Lui Char Pan Mee (home made noodles). The Lui Char soup is very well made, lots of green tea and ginger to boot. The noodles are soft and smooth. Best thing is they are all hand-made with quality in mind. You dont get these often these days.
Apart from the noodles, you can also try out other dishes such as the Seven Veggie Pan Mee, Pumpkin Pan Mee, Curry Pan Mee, and a host of others. Prices vary from RM3.50 to RM6.00 (Tom Yam Pan Mee). She serves Yong Tau Foo (Hakka ones) too.
Since it was my first time there, I can't give you any directions. But here's her email - ng_lim7@yahoo.com .
You don't get many web savvy stall owners today, so ask her for a map and tell her you found her from here. Who knows, she might give you a greater helping!

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